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The past two weeks have seen our Digit family expand, albeit temporarily. We've hosted two WPP Microfellows, a young designer, and a Strategist in the making. Grace turned 15 this week, and today is the last day of her two week stay at Digit. These are her thoughts on our studio -- NM

My two weeks at Digit have been phenomenal. I've had the opportunity to discover and understand what life is like in the working world, at a digital company. I was introduced to the different departments: Strategy, Design, Tech and Production. I mostly worked on the Strategy team, and although I initially thought it would be quite dry, I was asked to look at brands I liked and to write about them (a fashion brand I like, and a supermarket brand I really don't like!). I was then asked to do some research over the weekend on the brand I didn't like by asking people if they felt the same way. Lucky for me, they did. I also evaluated Digit's website, blog and twitter page and compared and contrasted them with similar companies. I  then looked at how magazines are structured, who their target audience is, how they differ and if they have websites that are similar to the print version. I looked at Vogue, Asos, Square Meal, The Big Issue, Motherland and Design Mind. The best thing about doing research was being able to give my own opinion on brands.

Not only has Digit given me an insight into their company, but also into how the big world out there truly is. First and foremost, I live all the way in Peckham and I hardly ever travel to the City. So doing my work experience here at Digit has given me a chance to to explore and experience London in a different way. I have also been able to socialise with the loveliest, most down to earth people. The most important thing I will leave understanding is the power of humility and kindness which I learned from my supervisor, Nomfundo who always took time out of her busy schedule to give me work to do and to make sure that I was settled every day. However, it was not just Nomfundo but everyone at Digit who was kind. On the first day I was taken out to lunch by Digit's Creative Director, Henry Brook and co. Every other department took time to give me an introduction to what they do, which I really appreciated.

I will miss Digit very much. My work experience has been breathtaking. It would be my pleasure to come back. Thank you to everyone!


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