Reasons to be Creative round up: day 2

Lernert & Sander - Lernert & Sander all the way in Brighton


The extravagant works from the pair of Dutch artists Lernert & Sander had the audience in a constant loop of shock and laughter. Taking a slightly different approach to their projects, the pair showcased some of their favourite works which thematically, touched on topics from melting chocolate bunnies, to sex and exploding eggs. Be warned, you may find yourself inappropriately laughing a lot.

Sara Blake - The Art of F*cking Up

Sara Blake is a self-taught illustrator based in New York. Her talk titled "The Art of F*cking Up" was about her journey into becoming an established illustrator through the trials and errors of screwing things up. Sara showcased some of the insanely detailed works she's done for clients: Nike, TEDx, and Marc Jacobs to name a few. She also mentioned the importance of collaboration. For instance, her collaborative piece with Joshua Davis is great example of how two artists from different mediums can create something unique and beautiful through their different creative techniques and processes.

Yves Peters - Two Decades of Trajan in Movie Posters

Previously a graphic designer, Yves Peters writes daily on The FontFeed about typography, fonts and techniques. He provided some very interesting insights into movie poster typography. His talk, titled "Two Decades of Trajan in Movie Posters," ran through the psychology of movie poster typography, showing several graphs where Tajan and Gotham hit their peaks in movie poster design, coinciding with their releases in Adobe's Creative Suite products. He also revealed the reason why film genres have particular patterns of design to others, such as the 'floating heads' poster design. Once you've watched this video, you'll find yourself analysing movie posters time and time again.

Stay tuned for Reasons: Day 3, our final report, report tomorrow.


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