Digit's 2013 Techolutions

So we had a bit of a whip round in the Digit studio for New Year's Techolutions and some interesting themes arose in the responses. It seems that the traditional aspirations towards weight loss and self-improvement map onto our digital lives. On the whole, people are resolving to use technology to learn more, develop their passions and reduce the noise in their lives. Many people expressed a desire to learn new skills like coding and photoshop. While others hoped to read better blogs, follow better people on Twitter and attend more events and talks in the quest to broaden their horizons.

Conversely, several people planned to dramatically reduce distractions and time wasters - leaving Facebook, avoiding addictive iPhone games and not checking emails as much on weekends.

Most interestingly were a few "new entrant" resolutions that represent a direct response to recent events and perhaps could not have been predicted a few years - or even six months - ago. 3D printing and phasing out Apple were put forward, and who would have listed "using Flickr more" before Instagram-gate?

However, it seems that no matter how fast or how far we progress, or how excited we are for the future, fearing the loss of the past is our greatest concern. The most cited Techolution? Back up, back up, back up!

ps. Best resolution goes to Dan Green, who hopes to find a way to bring digital interactivity to his upcoming wedding. No disposable cameras on tables for our Dan!

Image via The Jogging


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