A visit to the Saatchi Gallery - Paper

Last weekend I went to the Saatchi gallery to see their new exhibition. With wide range of work by artists from all over the world, the show features just what is says on the tin - works on paper. 

From extra large 3D sculptural pieces to tiny illustrations on used coffee cups, the theme runs through each of the 15 galleries consistently offering an easy way to draw comparisons between uses of the medium. Many of the standouts for me used paper in a more physical way such as Marcelo Jacome's super colourful kite-like sculpture Planos-pipas n17 which spanned an entire room or the larger than life paper bust of American pro boxer Emanuel Augustus by José Lerma & Héctor Madera.

Japanese designer Yuken Teruya's row of paper bag dioramas created an interactive experience of peeking into each one only to discover very delicately formed trees. The little shadow boxes are made of all types of bags including those from Louis Vuitton, McDonald's, Marc Jacobs, and Sephora to name a few.

Verdict: Definitely worth a trip, if you can get over the recent press Saatchi has attracted, to support artists returning to a medium that is apparently making a come back!

Ps. Also noteworthy is the permanent piece 20:50 in the lower ground gallery by Richard Wilson which initially looks like an empty room. On closer inspection, however, the implied space is actually the result of the perfect reflection of the room's windows, beams and walls in still, used sump oil. Only subtle specks of dust floating on the surface give it away. 


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