D-Day As it Happens. Just Launched!


In partnership with Channel4 and production company Windfall, Digit have created a multi-platform experience that retells the D-Day landings in a radically new way.

By painstakingly mapping archive film, photographs, radio reports and personal testimony to the very moment and place they happened 69 years ago viewers are able to experience yesterday's news through today's technology.

During the week surrounding the 5th and 6th June, when the two hour long programs will be aired, viewers can tune in on multiple devices and across all media to follow the progress of 7 people were actually there, minute by minute, moment by moment.

By following these men and women and discovering their fate in real time, we have been able to give people a new insight into an iconic moment in our history. We're hoping that by creating a documentary experience that is more intimate and real, viewers will become closer to our past, and more emotionally connected to the people who fought for our future. 

Experience D-day as they saw it, moment by moment, as it happens.


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