My Week at Digit

Having spent the previous week at PSB learning about consumer research, WWP Microfellow Gidoen Jinadu joined us last Monday looking to get his head around another aspect of the communications industry.  It was great (and genuinely helpful) to have such an enthusiastic and bright mind around the place during what turned out to be a fairly busy week for us all at Digit.  Read what he had to say - TB

After spending a week at Digit, I think I have gained a greater understanding of how technology fits into the world of marketing. Digit's work, from what I have seen, focuses on identifying ways in which brands can communicate messages to customers, but through the use of technology.
This week I have worked on three projects: 
  • Finding pictures for an animation to be used for a client in the camera making industry. Sounds simple, but it was probably the hardest thing I have had to do so far at a place of work.  I would not consider myslef the artisitic type and being given a brief that includes concepts such as lighting, non stock-images, natural facial expressions and artistic imagery really put me out of my comfort zone. Analysis of this type, in my opinion, is harder than anything you would have to do with numbers or words. With numbers, 10% is clearly a large difference, words can stand out on a page, but what type of lighting is good lighting? what kind of a picture looks staged and what makes a picture look natural? These concepts are a lot more abstract. Even though it was a challenging experience, I learned a different type of skill which I genuinely believe will inform my analysis in other areas. 
  • Analysing data to try and see how a client in the fashion industry can use technology to improve in-store sales. So this task was right up my street. I genuinely loved ploughing through stacks of paper and allowing the numbers to talk to me (cheesy but there is no better way to summarize what I did). I enjoyed doing it for two reasons:
    • Firstly, my mentor was actually quite busy working on this project, analysing this data would have eaten up a lot of time. It was good to know that I added value and sped up the process of preparing for the client meeting.
    • Secondly, my research was actually used. It is always nice to know that what you have produced is of an adequate standard.
  • Finally, I wrote a draft article for the Guardian on the impact that technology can have on customer service. I have quite a lot of exeperience in this area, so I definitely felt comfortable doing this task. However, it is the Guardian, so the challenge was to write something of a real high quality. The feedback I recieved was positive - literarily it needs a bit of editing but hopefully it will be published. That would be a real achievement for me.
All in all it has been a good week. The inductions I have had into the different departments of Digit have also given me a little bit of insight into the type of work people in technological roles do. Great experience.


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