​Retail & Mobile Technology: Key learnings from the Decoded Fashion Meetup

Photo: Decoded Meetup blog http://www.meetup.com/Decoded-Fashion/photos/17129752/

On the eve of New York Fashion Week 2013 Alexis Cuddyre, Art Director here at Digit, and I attended Decoded Fashion’s first Meetup in London, after a successful string of events in its birthplace New York. Hosting a panel of Asos, LBi and Frederic Court, a key influencer in mobile technology investment, it was an interesting and timely occasion to discuss future trends, opportunities for brands and some innovative new players in the industry. Here are some of our headline take-outs from the evening:

Consumers are leading the way when it comes to mobile technology use, it is extremely difficult for retailers to keep up, let alone be the pioneers.
Mobile is playful by nature, the panel confirmed the whole industry is still learning to walk in reality. Brands shouldn’t be afraid of trying things out.
With the use of mobile searching for items and researching trends occurs more along the lines of serendipitous discovery. It is important for brands to recognise that users are in a very different mood when brosing on mobiles compared to using a desktop computer.

Return on investment can be extremely difficult to measure as user journeys are much more complex. The browsing to purchase experience traverses different devices and channels. This is a behaviour that mobile app Tapestry is using to its advantage, allowing users to build and store their own canvas of fashion inspiration and products before purchasing.
Poq Studio put the staggering statistics of growing mobile use in the retail experience into context, announcing that if retailers do not have an Mcommerce strategy it’s the equivalent of shutting up shop for 4 months of the year!
Startups and smaller brands have an advantage when executing their mobile strategy – they do not have the challenge of joining up existing, siloed departments. Instead, they have the opportunity to lead data first, enabling them to provide a more seamless brand experience.
Chirp.io, one of the profiled businesses, demonstrated how mobile experiences can be triggered with sound, allowing retail brands to connect with consumers in-store – sending recommendations and promotions direct to their mobiles via sound. This presents a really exciting opportunity for musicians, advertisers, radio etc., reaching far beyond the fashion industry.
And finally, mobile is not the future, it’s now.

Written by Lauren Smith, Strategist at Digit


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