The future of Twitter: Looking beyond MoPub

Twitter’s acquisition of MoPub comes as no surprise, we’ve long expected a proprietary ad exchange from the social media platform and this is the clearest sign yet that such a platform is just around the corner. In fact, ever since the BlueFin media merger, Twitter has been slowly positioning itself as a more and more attractive proposition for brands to monetise. Twitter has been focussing a lot of its efforts on revenue generation after neglecting this at first. The significance of this deal is unquestionable and will help Twitter develop its already successful mobile advertising arm by building in real-time bidding capability.
What’s particularly interesting, though, are the possibilities to develop further native advertising opportunities. MoPub’s partnership with location-based targeting company Placecast, in addition to its vast client list, offers Twitter the opportunity to drastically enhance its targeting. Twitter already listens to all of the conversations that reference the brands, but if you integrate this new capability with what BlueFin has already brought to Twitter, this data pool becomes even more richly detailed and the opportunity for brands even more exciting.
Ultimately, the more Twitter knows about the who, where and why factors that influence people to engage, the more sophisticated Twitter can become at helping brands subsequently influence these conversations. The acquisition of MoPub allows Twitter to join the two together through a highly targeted advertising platform.

Written by Adam Lawrenson, Creative Director


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