New work! TV ad for Kabuto noodles

As an interaction agency it's not every day we get the opportunity to create a TV advert, so we jumped at the chance to try our hand for Kabuto Noodles! 

We worked directly with Kabuto to get under the skin of the brand and gain a deep understanding of the current marketplace. In partnership, we unearthed the Kabuto Way – exactly what defines and distinguishes the brand from its competitors, to serve as both a manifesto and creative guidance for producing the advert.

The Digit design team then brought the brand to life, translating key strategic themes into visual concepts. To tie it all together the creative script was then developed to capture the true Kabuto personality, leading into full in-house production.

Watch it here:

Here's what Henry, our Exec. Creative Director had to say:
"Kabuto by its name and nature has a distinctly Asian feel. We wanted this to be subtly expressed somehow but not forced. We came up with the idea of a riddle to tell the story of the “Kabuto Way”, their raison d'etre. The riddle just translated really well into the illustration style, we wanted the image to represent the two sides of the story. It was quite a challenge to maintain the simplicity yet keep up the level of intrigue through the illustrations. We’re really happy with it, it looks great and feels very different for and advert, it’ll definitely stand out."

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