Digit & Windfall Films win an International Emmy Award for Channel 4: D-Day As It Happens

DDay as it Happens from Digit on Vimeo.

​We are extremely excited to announce that Digit, in partnership with Windfall Films, has been awarded an International Digital Emmy for our work on Channel 4 D-Day: As It Happens, which was originally broadcast on 5 & 6 June 2013.
With Windfall Films, we were given the task of re-telling the story of D-Day landings in a radical way. By mapping archive film, photographs, radio reports and personal testimonies of the events onto a precise 24-hour timeline, showcasing the very moment and place they happened 69 years ago, we created a multi-platform experience where users could live through the 1944 invasions in real-time.
During the 24-hour campaign the D-Day live site recieved over 100,000 visitors, with an average dwell time of over five minutes. This level of enaggement also rippled through social media, with  40,000 Twitter followers across the profiles of each of the seven characters followed throughout the programme. What happened, really, was that ‘second-screen’ as we know it was flipped, with television summarises the events occurring in real-time across multiple devices.
We are absolutely delighted with the news; D-Day As It Happens is very close to our hearts and it’s work we are extremely proud of. 


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