As a consultancy we work closely with our clients to help them marry human insight and interaction design with the technology that's right for them. We truly believe that when done well it can transform businesses.

As technology shifts so do our areas of focus. Currently, we are exploring the following themes both for our clients and for our own R&D program.

Power of Data

In today’s highly networked, technology-driven world, the quantity of data available to brands is rapidly expanding. Successfully processing and interpreting all this data is now a key priority for brands and businesses.

We’ve been leveraging the power of data with our clients for some time. We’ve used beautiful design to reveal new insights, and helped businesses use their data to make more accurate predictions and better decisions.

Our understanding of data - and its transformative power - has enabled us to interpret the results of one of the world’s largest search engines, develop a trading platform for one of the world’s biggest banks, and redefine the offer of a leading international research company.

Digit's 2013 Techolutions

Digit's 2013 Techolutions

So we had a bit of a whip round in the Digit studio for New Year's Techolutions and some interesting themes arose in the responses. It seems that the traditional aspirations towards weight loss and...
School of Digit – China

School of Digit – China

It all started during lunch one day. I was happily eating my homemade food while David, a good friend and colleague of mine, was staring at it and paused for a long time. Finally, it started, “Jing, is it true that…"
We've won

We’ve Won

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